Friday, November 19, 2010

Great Success

Today, I realized that I needed a haircut. After 3 months without a trim, my hair was perpetually unkempt. A friend and I decided to embark on an adventure to a haircutting school, where we were told the styles were "very French" and inexpensive. This turned out to be far more of an adventure than we could have possibly imagined.

Allow me to preface this story with a simple fact: we spent 3 hours at "Stefan's Hair University." None of this was a waiting period. We walking in, nervously told them in what few "hair" terms we knew that we wanted our hair washed, cut, and styled. So far so good. Washing our hair went as usual, then we talked for a bit about how we wanted our hair cut. Then things got weird. Our stylists called over their professor, followed by an audience of other students, to confirm their plan. They listed our hair type, daily styling routine, and what we wanted done. As they began to cut, the professor would stop by periodically (entourage included) to "fix" our hair and offer criticism. This didn't exactly raise our confidence levels. Luckily, I had decided to go with a simple trim, basic layers, and some angles. My friend was ready for some dramatic new bangs. I watched as the instructor asked her to stand before the class, as he instructed her stylist on how to properly cut bangs. Chaos ensued, then subsided when the professor returned to make the proper adjustments. We arrived at 12:30 pm. We left at 3:30. The whole process was incredibly inexpensive, especially considering how much we payed per hour. Both of us are very content with our new hair, though we're not sure we would submit ourselves to that process again.

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  1. Oooh my gosh, this is hysterical. Certainly an experience. I'm relieved that you both had successful haircuts.