Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Opportunities galore...

Just a few exciting stories to relate from this week -

Sunday, I saw the opera La Boheme with friends. For those of you who don't know, this is the original Italian opera which inspired (the film and musical) Rent. We arrived just before the show to purchase student pricing tickets. The seats were very decent - back rows in the orchestra - which normally cost around 70 euros. We got them for 10 euros! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the opera - great acting and voices all around. I was very grateful for the subtitles, for I had neglected to read the synopsis beforehand. This was an experience - listening to the words in sung Italian, while reading the French translation. Thankfully, I understood almost everything!

Other news...

Dickinson administrators have enlisted me to translate the psychology course descriptions for l'Institut Catholique into English for the psych professors back in the US. This will be a great opportunity to win brownie points, while practicing my French and making bank.

Today after class, a friend and I went grocery shopping. We bought all the dinner necessities: pasta, veggies, cheese, sausage, cider, and baguettes. As we got to her house to drop everything off, a woman stopped us on the street and asked if we were students from the Dickinson Center. She then proceeded to offer us babysitting work! Even better- her children are adorable. Plus it will be nice to have some supplimental income. We exchanged information, so hopefully that works out in the near future.

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  1. And ... if you can't do one of the babysitting jobs, feel free to have them fly me there to sub in! I like adorable children.