Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Le Travail...

This morning I met with Dickinson administrators to discuss my work study opportunities. It was important to reflect on several things before accepting the position:

1. Why is this starting in October? I've been living here for 5 weeks?
2. What regular hours will I be offered? Any?
3. What kinds of responsibilities will I have?

I received answers to none of these questions. Looks like I'll be working a couple hours here and there, "as needed". Huzzah.

On the plus side, I spent the next two hours helping to prepare photo boards for the Dickinson Center's upcoming 25th anniversary party! And they offered me snacks! So not a bad situation after all.

Other news: on the way home after work, I turned down a street and discovered a car inFLAMES by the side of the road. The firefighters hadn't even arrived yet. Of all days to leave my camera at home! Here's what it looked like:

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