Saturday, August 28, 2010

Le Voyage

So I'm currently sitting in Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, waiting for my connecting flight to Toulouse. The transatlantic flight went smoothly - my bag just made the checked luggage weight limit, the family saw me to security at Logan, I made it onto the correct plane, found my lovely window seat, and bonded with my German seat mate. I saw a beautiful sunset, and an equally beautiful sunrise, within the span of 5 hours. The movie selection featured 3 homages to my friend Mer - a Gerard Butler film, a Ewan McGregor film, and an Ellen Page film. Once in Amsterdam, I braved through security check, and made another German friend at my gate. In less than 3 hours, I'll be touching down in Toulouse, and meeting my French momma for the first time! Looks like 3 hours of sleep will have to suffice for this exciting new day.

That's all for now... More posts to follow soon!

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  1. Of course you bonded with a random German guy on a plane